Zigbee2mqtt entities unavailable

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to do some maintenance to my home assistant setup, I usually don’t do this often as many times something breaks, just like today!

I was still on version 2021.12.X and upgraded to the latest version as of today. I also upgraded most of the addons and after doing so all of my zigbee sensors/switches/lights went to unavailable. I tried updating the moquitto addon but that seems to be broken as zigbee2mqtt cannot connect anymore (logs show:
error: received null username or password for unpwd check) so I restored a backup and went back to version 5.1 which made it connect again.

I am running Zigbee2MQTT with the mosquitto broker addon. Here’s what I have observed so far:

  • Zigbee2MQTT is running and all devices are visible and functioning in it’s front-end.
  • MQTT is running and receiving messages, I verified this using the MQTT integration and listening to all topics (#).
  • All devices and entities are visible in the MQTT integration but everything is unavailable.

I have removed all references to MQTT from configuration.yaml as this is now taken care of by the integration as far as I understand.

Am I missing something crucial? Appreciate the help, spend way too much time on this already :sweat_smile:

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@ngid did you resolve this? I’m seeing the same thing.

edit: never mind - was getting distracted by the talk of mqtt breaking changes in 2022.6. Just had to restart Zigbee2MQTT (and wait 20 mins) for them to all to come back.