Zigbee2mqtt: getting rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges (Xiaomi, Hue, TRADFRI)


After updating to 0.81.6 my automations aren’t triggered by the MQTT messages. Anyone else have this problem?


Having a nightmare with my Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor after restarting my whole HA setup.

Can get it to pair but it states the below and doesn’t pass any MQTT messages back to zigbee2mqtt

zigbee2mqtt:info 2018-11-10 20:57:14 New device with address 0x00158d000236c231 connected!
zigbee2mqtt:info 2018-11-10 20:57:14 MQTT publish, topic: 'zigbee2mqtt/bridge/log', payload: '{"type":"device_connected","message":"0x00158d000236c231"}'

This message is shown when I restart the zigbee2mqtt addon

0x00158d000236c231 (0x00158d000236c231): unkown - undefined unknown (EndDevice)

It was working fine before, I have added 2 x Xiaomia Aqara doors sensors and a button without any issues.
Anyone got any ideas here?


Are you using Mosquitto? Did you upgrade it to 3 or 4? Are you seeing a lot of errors in your MQTT server log? I still cannot upgrade my Mosquitto addon from 2 to 4 without it totally breaking anything that uses MQTT.


Good morning,
Thank you for this add-on.
I got it almost working with the instructions:

  • flash of the CC2531 dongle
  • installation of the add on
  • link with the mosquito add-ons
    My config is ODROID C2 with the beta image 2.2.
    I have a problem of ressources when using this plugins. I have some huge ping level then I unplug the USB dongle and every thing is coming back to the normal. Usual ping level to my C2 board is 1ms with this addon activated it is between 100 and 4000 ms.
    Anyone get the same problem?


No i figured out the problem is within the automation as everything on the MQTT is working. For some reason the condition doesn’t work.


Anybody have this all working specifically on hassbian rather than hass.io or raspbian. Hoping to avoid some pitfalls as I just ordered all the stuff on the 11.11 aliexpress sale.


hassbian is raspbian based, so should be OK.


Ya I was thinking I’d try the raspbian instructions but still have had issues in the past …file location, environment/user issues can be time wasters. I guess the only other question was which hardware to go with. Perused the discussion and played it safe with the 2x2531’s. I’ll give it a go when my stuff gets thru canada post sometime in the summer hehe. Still would like to know if anybody actually threw this on hassbian though. Thanks for your prompt reply.


zigbee2mqtt isn’t a native hassio thing, it’s standalone and another dev created an add-on afterwards so those using hassio could join in the fun. If you install it as standalone it doesn’t even have to be on the device you run HA on, likewise your mqtt server can be wherever you like.


Yes thanks I’m aware of hass.io and it’s resin and now Hass.os based origins and it’s plug and play sort of functionality. The dev who supplied that for hass.io is awesome. I wish I could take advantage and drop something out of the repo right into my custom module folder and get things running. In any case I’ll barrel on when I get my stuff. I’m embarrassed but bought a mi gateway as a back up. Question asked and answered and I’m not really contributing much to this very long thread. I’ll be back if I need help. Looking forward to see if that monster USB sniffer I saw a few pages back works out for anybody. 1.6 kilometer range I think I saw lol… Must be line of sight


Think you totally missed the point.


Nope got your point. Have a nice day or at least a nicer day.


Obviously you did then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i have hit limit in 16 devices and cant join anymore. does anyone test firmware for 60 devices , or any other way ?
it just not show “incoming new device”.


This latest coordinator firmware will now allow 20 devices as per Koenkk’s comment here.

If one of the 20 devices is another CC2531 flashed as a router using this firmware (found here), you should be able to add another 20 devices.

P.S. you will need to pair your devices again after updating the firmware, and you may need to delete the .db file to avoid conflicts.


thank u sounds clear.


You can also use powered devices (bulbs, outlets) to serve as routers in your network.


EDIT - Update to include a better way to generate the graph

Just in case it helps anyone else, this is how I generated a visual graph of my zigbee2mqtt network:

Note - you must be running the latest 0.1.8 version of zigbee2mqtt

  1. Install Mosquitto clients on your zigbee2mqtt Pi:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mosquitto-clients
sudo apt-get install graphviz
  1. Have two (ssh) connections open to your zigbee2mqtt Pi so that one can run mosquitto_sub and the other mosquitto_pub

  2. Run the following sub command, replacing mqtt_broker_xx with your broker details (likely to be your HA server)

mosquitto_sub -V mqttv311 -C 1 -u mqtt_broker_user -P mqtt_broker_pass -h mqtt_broker_ip -t zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap/graphviz | sed -e 's/|EndDevice//' -e 's/|[^|]\+(.*)|/|/' -e 's/No [^|]\+|//' | sfdp -Tpng > /tmp/map.$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).png
  1. Run the following publish command:
mosquitto_pub -V mqttv311 -u mqtt_broker_user -P mqtt_broker_pass -h mqtt_broker_ip -m "graphviz" -t zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap
  1. A PNG image of your network will have been created in /tmp which can now be copied to another machine for viewing.

Hope this helps others too.
(credit to @lolorc)


Do you know which outlets work as routers? I’ve tried Sylvania 72922 and the Iris Smart Plug 3210-L and they both show in the log as routers. However I was unable to extend the range of my network with them. If a door sensor has already paired to the zigbee2mqtt stick, must it be removed and repaired somehow with the outlet? Maybe I have missed the process documented somewhere?

zigbee2mqtt:info 2018-11-13 21:13:57 0x00158d00012f7914 (0x00158d00012f7914): QBKG03LM - Xiaomi Aqara double key wired wall switch (Router)
zigbee2mqtt:info 2018-11-13 21:13:57 0x00158d00014a9e71 (0x00158d00014a9e71): QBKG03LM - Xiaomi Aqara double key wired wall switch (Router)

i have a routers too but looks like they dont work