Zigbee2Mqtt groups not working on sengled rgb bulbs

I have a set of sengled smart led bulbs, connected to zigbee2mqtt with a cc2531 usb dongle. When I create a zigbee group with these bulbs it creates and autodiscovers just fine, but the group doesn’t properly update on change of bulb state and does nothing when I click it to turn the bulbs on and off. Does anyone have any ideas for how to get group messaging to work with these bulbs, I don’t want to have to deal with a popcorn effect?

I have the Sengled bulbs and had no issues with creating groups for them in Z2M. With in home assistant the light group shows up, I can turn the bulbs on, change the color (red, blue, green, etc), change the color temp and brightness with out any issues. Seems to work just fine with these bulbs. I use a CC2652P and Z2M that runs in a docker but that shouldn’t matter. Unfortunately I don’t have any solution for your issue but I can confirm it works

Just to be very explicit you have the sengled smart led rgb bulbs and you are confirming that you can pair them into a zigbee group to turn them on and off simultaneously, etc with no popcorn effect? The exact model number I have is E21-N1EA. Been trying to figure this out for a while and was beginning to think the bulbs might not support group messaging or something so just want to be sure that’s what you’re saying. Also could you give me the firmware version of the bulbs you are currently using?

Yes, I have the sengled smart led rgb bulbs and have a total of 9 of them. 7 are E11-N1EA and 2 are E21-N1EA. Since I’m not at home I will have to get back to you on the firmware version. Last night I created 3 groups to test this. I have very little of the “popcorn effect” (if at all) when switching them on/off.

I dont know how you created your group(s) but looks like it can be done two ways. Through yaml or from the GUI. I used the GUI. It was easier since I’m running Z2M in a docker.

From what I can tell the Z2M groups are no different than a HA groups. They seem do the same function and neither seems to perform better than the other, at least for me.

On a side note:

I have found that these bulbs are very sensitive to wireless interference which can cause them to respond slowly or drop offline completely. After months of troubleshooting, I found that setting Z2M to channel 25 worked best for my zigbee network. If you are having this “popcorn effect” then you may be running is inference issues as well.

Doesn’t appear Z2M tells me what firmware these bulbs are running. I know since I’ve had the E21-N1EA there hasn’t been a new firmware installed on them.

Thanks for looking into this in so much depth for me. From my understanding the difference between zigbee2mqtt groups and home assistant groups is that zigbee2mqtt groups use a single zigbee command to control all the lights while home assistant groups send n commands where n is the number of lights in the group. A single command is more efficient for the network and is broadcasted between devices with a simple boolean flag checking whether or not the device should act on the command. This results in much lower difference in path latency between devices (at least in theory) and should do better with popcorning. It’s strange you’re able to use the zigbee2mqtt group tho and I’m not, maybe because your coordinator has much better range is the reason for you not observing popcorning either way, not sure. I’ll probably buy another coord (was looking into doing this anyways) as a logical step to improve the network overall, and help get rid of popcorning even if i can’t get zigbee groups to work.