Zigbee2mqtt + Node-Red add Zwave (Broke zigbee2mqtt)

I’ve been running a very successful Zigbee2mqtt + Node-red combo for some years on HA OS.

I recently attempted to install zwave JS UI +Mqtt, because there’s some zwave devices I want to use.

It appeared to install well, and everything was running fine. I don’t remember if I ever tried to reboot HA, but after a certain update, Zigbee no longer started with this error:

SRSP - SYS - ping after 6000ms

After looking at the troubleshooting section of Zigbee2mqtt, I figured the only difference was either the new update, or the installation of zwave.

I restored to the last backup, prior to the upgrade, but after zwave installation and zigbee still failed to start. I had to restore to an install prior to zwave, which I thankfully still had. It was a very scary moment, because I could have run the HA instance long enough to lose an update prior to install of zwave.

Did I miss something when installing zwave js ui? Is it not recommended to do so? Has anyone run into this issue or is able to run both of these simultaneously without any issues?

edit: I used the following videos as a guide to install zwave js ui & MQTT.

Walk through of zwavejs2mqtt along with Z-Wave JS in Home Assistant
Z-Wave JS to MQTT UI Updates | Add-On and Home Assistant Integration Install

I’m running Z2M, Zwave JS UI, and Node Red with no issue.

I did nothing special, loaded the add-ons, configured the device ports, and fired it up.

Double check the ports of your Zigbee and Z-Wave adapters. They might have changed ports.

I am using tcp based devices for Zigbee (TubesZB Coordinator) and Z-wave (HomeSeer) so it couldn’t have been that the ports had changed.

Well that’s nice to hear. Did you follow a specific guide? I would love to look it over, if you have a link.

I still don’t know what went wrong and honestly I didn’t have much time to diagnose.

When you house depends on it, it becomes difficult to play around. It was also badly timed at night.

No guides. I just installed the add-ons and configured them per the documentation.

EDIT: One clarification, I’m not using MQTT for ZWave; I’m using the standard Zwave integration for device discovery.

@FriedCheese Are you able to connect to Zwave devices using Node-Red without MQTT though? I thought MQTT was required to use node-red for either zigbee or zwave.

Ah…good point. I don’t use Node-Red for automations so I haven’t tried. I only have it setup to act as an MQTT bridge for my 3D printer. Have you tried setting up Z-Wave JS UI without the MQTT connection to verify the add-on is at least working and not causing problems?

Yeah that’s a good idea. I’ll have to do that first and let it run for a while.

Thank you.

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