Zigbee2mqtt+tubeszb in docker


Im trying to set up Zigbee2mqtt in a docker environment, but im failing at the first step…

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/master/data/configuration.yaml -P data

How do i fix this?

And when i get pass this next step is to locate the hardware, and since im not using an usb stick im thinking i need to change the device to the ip adress of my tubeszb adapter? is that correct thinking?

Execute the following command, update the --device parameter to match the location of your adapter.



Not sure why you are have issues with wget command, not sure where you are executing the command from. All that said, it is probably easier to just created the basic zigbee2mqtt config file using a text editor or the GUI in zigbee2mqtt (I think you can start from scratch with the GUI).

In the bigger setup with the tubeszb device via network, this guide and search some of the guides on this forum for the tubeszb network setup. I’ve not used the tubeszb with it’s network option and zigbee2mqtt, I have just connected the tubeszb to the machine running docker and zigbee2mqtt via USB cable (I disabled the esp32 on the tubeszb unit). I have had good success with this setup of docker, zigbee2mqtt and tubeszb. Good hunting!