Zigbee2mqtt w/ Aqara Door Sensor

Hi All,

I am slowly moving my Xiaomi devices off the Xiaomi gateway onto Zigbee2mqtt.

Can someone clarify if the Aqara door sensor allows “device automation” within HA? i.e. Am I able to write an automation off the device rather than the binary sensor?

I tried pairing a Aqara door sensor with zigbee2mqtt. First time, the sensor showed up in HA and I was actually able to write an automation off it. The automation didn’t work even though zigbee2mqtt was publishing the events. So, I then deleted the device from HA and removed the device in zigbee2mqtt. I paired the sensor to zigbee2mqtt again. The device showed up in HA but I can’t create an automation off it. HA reports " There are no automations available for this device."

2 questions :

  • what version of zigbee2mqtt are you running ?
  • why would you like to use device automations ?

Hi @francisp,

No particular reason but sounds like device automations are the recommended way nowadays?

Anyway, things are back to normal after a second restart of HA. I think the messages from zigbee2mqtt after birth may have fixed things.