Zigbee2MQTT - Waxman sensor showing temp/battery but water 'unknown'

Moved from ZHA to Zigbee2MQTT and all working better except my one Waxman water sensor.
It shows the correct icon in the Devices screen and reports temp and battery but water is ‘unknown’
I can’t find any way to edit the device to show water/moisture status. From looking around I believe it reports as True/False but not sure how to set that independently.
Alternative would be to change it to act like a different moisture sensor but haven’t found a way to do that in the Zigbee2MQTT frontend either.

I just experienced this same thing.

It was able to see water/dry (as true/false) and I was able to make an automation with it. Then the status went to unknown but it could still see battery/temp. My automation stopped working.

I am using Zigbee2mqtt and smartthings water sensors

I decided to get the sensor wet and it immediately announced via HA and HomeKit (got the Zigbee2MQTT plugin in Homebridge). Now reporting dry so give that a try.

I could never get these to work properly in Z2MQTT. Even though they are “supported”…Switched back to ZHA and have no issues. I have 3 of the V2 sensors and the valve to turn off the water. The Valve never came close to working. Works fine in ZHA.
On a side note, I have also added the Aquara sensors to the network and they function well also.

Weird - did a test like I said and valve closed as well. Able to open back up via click in my dashboard on the valve. In Zigbee2MQTT it even shows the icon correctly for both sensor and valve. I was impressed.

So when I first tested the automation, it worked. Later on the attribute went to unknown, getting the sensor wet again did not set off the automation (the same automation that worked earlier).

Testing the sensor shows the payload water being changed in Zigbee2mqtt

Even though today I was able to get the water sensor to trigger and Zigbee2mqtt to receive the wet signal. The automation won’t recognize the attribute (even though it once did) and the automation won’t trigger.

I am guessing I need to use instead a script or something to read the payload from zigbee2mqtt and then assign it to an attribute that can be used in the automation? I can do that but seems annoying. I’m hoping there is something easy that I am missing.