Zigbee2mqtt with led controllers is extremely buggy, am i the only one?

Other zigbee devices work fine, but zigbee2mqtt is extremely buggy with led controllers, i by now made around 50 different variants of automations to control lights but it stays buggy (playing around with light_on, light_off and adding/removing delays, ending a automation with 1% brightness then turn off etc). i also tried other led controllers, but it has no different effect.

Some examples:

  • Iuse the service light_on to put the lights on with a transitioning effect to a certain brightness. i can put the transition effect to 40 or 1 second or turn it off, it transitions in a same ~1 second window. If i instead make another light_on service call with first putting the brightness on 1, no transition, then a light_on with a transition to put the lights on 60% brightness, it works.
    Then, i try to turn off the lights. Same story, however sometimes the delay is also causing a break between the commands and the light is stuck at 1% for the delay in seconds/miliseconds until it turns off. this does not happen when the light turns on.

  • Sometimes, when turning the light on, it immediately goes out, yet stays “on” in z2m settings.

  • When turning the light on with a certain color, the device first powers on with a transitioning effect towards the last set color AND brightness, then proceeds changing the color.

So, transitioning effects are ALWAYS happening, no matter if you use light_on, light_off or create a device turn on/off automation. You CAN however -sometimes- make a transitioning effect last longer. But sometimes this does not work without using a delay command in between. a delay command that can lead to a state being stuck a while due to the delay.
And there is no way for a device to make nice fade in to a certain color without first seeing a other color it was set to last time, for a full 1 second due to the transitioning effect.

I cannot be the only one annoyed by this, can anything be done about this?

Is this issue also apparant with ZHA?