Zigpy-cc will add native support for cheap CC2531 Zigbee USB sticks in Home Assistant

zigpy-cc module by @sanyatuning for the zigpy project should when working add integrated support for inexpensive CC2531 based Zigbee USB sticks in Home Assistant

FYI, as I understand it this module isn’t working yet but at least someone has started coding it.

zigpy-cc module should in the future work with the ZHA integration component for Home Assistant by making zigpy compatible with CC2531 USB sticks if you flash them with the custom Z-Stack firmware from the Zigbee2mqtt project by @Koenkk (but the implementation is not dependent on having Zigbee2mqtt installed or running)

@sanyatuning sorry if leaked this before you are ready to release it however the news of native CC2531 was just too exciting to keep to myself