ZLink WD-100 Dimmer and WS-100 Switch

Hi everyones, I’m fairly new in HA, I’ve been reading and experimenting for just over a month now.
My current hardware setup doesn’t consist of many device yet. I’m running Hassio on Hassos on a RPI3B+ whitout any glitch. While looking to buy more zwave dimmers, switches and sensors, I came across the ZLink brand. They look the same as the Homeseer / Dragon Tech /Z Wave WD-100 and WS-100 beside having S2 security and SmartStart features. I would like to know if anyones ever tried these brand devices before I dive into purchasing them. They’re somehow cheaper to buy here in Canada than the others brand names.


I don’t know them, I use Homeseer WD-100+ which has zwave scene. Once you have tried double/triple tap automations, it is hard to go without.

Sorry to bring up an old post, but did you end up buying them? Inovelli seems to have a stock issue, and I hate paying shipping since Zooz doesn’t use Amazon Prime. I have a ZWP that works great, even though Home Assistant sees it as unknown. I believe it is a Dragon Tech.


No, I’ve put my project on ice for a little while. The lack of review on this unite throw me off a bit so I didn’t buy them.

Thanks for letting me know. I might roll the dice.

No prob, let me know if you have success. :grinning: