Zone.home randomly changes from 0 to 1 and back when nobody at home (over 50 km away)

Hello everyone,

I am not new to home assistant, but new to this forum. I have used the search but unfortunately there is no similar question so far - or I have not found it.

I have two automatisms:

  1. when “zone.home” changes to “0”, activate the alarm system.
  2. if “zone.home” changes from “0” to “1” or “2”, deactivate the alarm system.

These are two very simple automatisms that I assumed would certainly work. And yes, they work perfectly.

However, yesterday was the first time we were out of the house for about three hours since activating these two automatisms. The “zone.home” is 200m in diameter. We were about 50 kilometers away.

While we were away, the “zone.home” randomly switched from 0 to 1 every few minutes and then back to 0 a few minutes later. Always back and forth.

The tracking happens via the GPS of two Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. These are the only tracking devices that influence the “zone.home”. And of course we had both devices with us.

Why does the “zone.home” keep randomly switching from 0 to 1 and back again, even though we were over 50 km away?

Kind regards

Set up a map card in your dashboard and add your device trackers or persons to it as set the hour to show to 24 hours or whatever is needed

how would a map card on my dashboard stabilize the zone.home counting?

It’s called debugging.
You do that to figure out what could be the cause of the issue.

the only two devices that are influencing the zone.home are not the problem. I already checked that. Both devices were constantly not in the zone.home. the protocol also doesn’t show any changes or problems. As I said, the zone.home randomly changes from 0 to 1 and back without any reason.

I’ll now create another zone for my home zone and trying with that one.