Zoneminder camera image not visible

I have added my Zoneminder integration as per the docs on the integration, but the card of the dashboard refuses to display an image.

The zoneminder config is as follows:

  - host: !secret zoneminder_host
    username: !secret zoneminder_user
    password: !secret zoneminder_pass
    verify_ssl: false

  - platform: zoneminder

  - platform: zoneminder
    include_archived: false

HA correctly retrieves the status from ZM, but HA fails to retrieve an image. I have tested the ZM API both in the browser and by creating myself a python script to retrieve the list of monitors (using the same Python package that HA uses)… and the URL’s returned work perfectly.

If I inspect the card in the HA dashboard, and take the image src ( and attempt to open it in the browser I get a “502: Bad Gateway” error.

Taking the entity picture from HA Developer tools ( I get a “500: Internal Server Error”

Any ideas what might be causing the error, I’ve had a look through various posts and nothing seems to fix it! I will add that I also use zmNinja to view the camera, and this works flawlessly.

Hey were you ever able to find a solution to this? I have the exact same issue and its extremely frustrating because its the only thing preventing me from using this software.