ZoneMinder camera not exposed to Google Assistant

I successfully installed the ZoneMinder integration. The camera’s are showing up in Home Assistant and performing well. The problem is that the camera is not exposable via Google Home Assistant. Neither via the web config nor via the manual config. The same camera is exposable to Google Assistant via platform “generic”. but the performance of that stream is really poor. Is it possible to expose the ZoneMinder integrated camera to Google Assistant?

edit: I noticed that the “camera.play_stream” is not available for the camera with platform “zoneminder”.

p.s. Happy new year! And compliments to the developers!

small bump.

I’ve noticed the same thing. Is this intentional?

Another bump. I am in the same boat. No way that I can see to expose it to google Assistant for voice casting to a chromecast.

I ended up using the ONVIF integration and it works great. Plus, zoneminder quit working reliably for me so nothing lost.

However, I was able to use BOTH at the same time without issue. So you can expose your cameras to Google Assistant via ONVIF, but only use it for that. You can use zoneminder for everything else.

The problem for me is that the onvif feed has a massive delay. Not a huge deal, as the Zoneminder feed seems to be better in HA.

True, but I think with wifi cameras that’s the best we’ll probably get. I had a blue iris docker I was messing with, but the author of the container didn’t do that great of a job since if it updates you have to start setup again.

I’m at the point I need true person detection so none of those solutions really do it for me.