Zoom presence sensor

Hi all,

I built a Zoom custom component that ships with a binary sensor that turns on and off depending on when you are on a Zoom call. I’m using this sensor to notify my wife when I’m on a call when we are working from home so she knows not to come in. The integration can support any webhook event that Zoom supports but the only one that comes with out of the box support is the user presence status webhook.

You can install this component using HACS (look for “Zoom”) and more information about how to set up the integration can be found here: https://github.com/raman325/ha-zoom-automation


So cool! I’m trying to install this tonight and I see it requires HA to be accessible externally. I’m using Nabu Casa and trying to figure out if I can use this to setup the Base URL need for your integration?

Yes, if you are using Nabu Casa you should be able to use this integration as long as you have Remote UI enabled. When creating the Zoom app and defining the callback URL + Webhook destination, you will need to use the base_url that you use to access your HA instance while on the go, aka the URL that Nabu Casa gives you for Remote UI access

Still no luck. It appears that Nabu uses a URL structure like this for the Remote UI:
And like this for webhooks:
Webhook randomID looks unique to each installed service but I do not see one listed for the Zoom addon.

Do you know what URL’s nabu casa uses for auth and for the API? that would help us figure out what URL to use

So the best way to test this is to use each of those URLs as your base URL in the instructions for creating the Zoom app (include the randomID part). Try the first one then try setting up the Zoom automation. If after you go to the Zoom site to log in, you get redirected to an error, that means you should try the next one. My guess is that it’s going to be the second one, so you would use the following:

Redirect URL for OAuth: https://hooks.nabu.casa/randomID=/auth/external/callback
Event notification endpoint URL: https://hooks.nabu.casa/randomID=/api/zoom_automation

I had this working via Nabu Casa for the past week but decided to update the component today to the 0.2 version. Now it’s no longer working. Do you have recommendations on how I can debug this?

Update: .25 fixed my issues – Thanks!

Sorry I missed this but glad you got it working! I think I introduced a bug with one of the releases which is probably what you hit, but the latest should be chugging along smoothly


I’m interested in using this. Few questions:

  1. This creates a binary_sensor for each user, correct?
  2. If I only wanted to monitor the status (on / off) of each user, there’s no need to create a webhook automation trigger, correct?
  3. Will it be able to update multiple binary sensors while users are on a call simultaneously?

Thanks for your work.

  1. Each user you log in as yes.
  2. Correct
  3. Good question. Now that you mention it in it may assume one user. I will look into this and fix if needed. Will look at this tomorrow
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@HOMECB it should be able to update multiple binary sensors while users are on a call simultaneously. If you find this isn’t the case, please do let me know so I can look into it

Thanks. Will check.