Zooz ZSE 11 Issues

I have 6 Zooz ZSE11 Multi sensors that I am struggling to get working on Z-wave JS.

ZJS Info

Driver Version:10.3.0
Server Version:1.24.0

Coordinator info

Firmware: 4.32

Problem Devices Info

by Zooz
Firmware: 1.30

All devices we added appropriately and had no issues during inclusion. I read that ZWJS requires that Parameter 16 is set to false for motion detection to work. I have attempted to set this parameter on multiple devices and the setting of the parameter has worked on two of the 4 devices I have connected so far. The other devices seem to never wake up from the sleep state to accept configuration even when trying to ping the devices deliberately.

Here are the issues that I am facing:

One of them is reporting completely dead after 3 days on battery. This device appears to have been stuck awake for twelve hours straight. The battery graph shows the level go from 78% to 0 in one sample. Interestingly, this sensor is working. I was able to set Parameter 16 on this device.

One has never reported a temperature change despite another sensor showing swings as large as 20°F in the same room. This unit also does not seem to indicate motion correctly or wake when pinged. Because the device never wakes, parameter 16 cannot be set.

One reported temperature for twelve hours, but has not reported anything in the days since. This device has never reported motion despite parameter 16 being set to false. Humidity reports dropped off at the same time as temperature.

One of them appeared to work correctly for 3 days, but has drained the battery 30% in 5 days. It has not reported data since yesterday.

Am I doing something wrong here? I tried to heal the network to improve performance, I double checked firmware on the sensors, I am up to date with Zwave JS. None of the distances are particularly great.

Any help is appreciate!

I got 6 of these a couple weeks ago & they are much more reliable when plugged in.

To set the configuration on one that is only on battery, you need to hit the button next to the battery quickly 3 times, then send the change in the configuration.

Haven’t had any issues with temperature or humidity yet. The one I have that is on battery is unreliable with its illuminance sensor though.

As for the battery drain issue, the support site mentioned that you should not add them to the network plugged in if you intend to use them with battery as they will act as a repeater and drain the battery. Wonder if this happened to you?

I am still working on issues with these. I have migrated everything to Zwave-JS-UI, factory reset the devices, excluded and then included them again. I have set the parameters that the instructions say to set. None of these have ever touched a USB plug. They do work a lot better since this effort but they still have substantial issues with battery drain and reporting frequency.

I don’t have the ability to mount these with USB power without running extremely long cables and wiring them through the walls. I purchased them for their battery capability, so they might as well be defective if they are not functional on battery. Your experience with their issues on battery are concerning. I am wondering if they actually shipped these out with 3v batteries instead of 3.7 if they are using a 5v USB. I wonder if the regulator on these just cannot work in the 3v and below range.

Thanks for providing another point of reference for these sensors.

An update to my purchase of 6 of these, also have issues (will probably not buy these in the future).

  • 3 that are plugged in are working well.
  • 1 that was plugged in randomly started detecting motion when there wasn’t any (not ideal as this was setting off my alarm system at 3am…). I tried to flash it to the newest firmware and now it won’t include anymore (even after factory resetting), so I’m assuming it’s bricked.
  • 1 that is on battery works Ok at most times, but misses some motion events.
  • 1 new out of the box that I started with being plugged in never reliably detected motion. Again tried flashing to the newest firmware and probably bricked it.

Ended up getting another Hue motion sensor which works without issues on battery.