Zooz ZSE18 motion sensor works on USB, not on battery

Has anyone had any luck connecting this device recently? It pairs fine, and you get several entities, including a binary_sensor which turns on and off in response to motion. However, it only works when connected to a USB power source. As soon as you unplug it, the sensor appears dead: no LED, no response whatsoever. But, if you press the action button, the LED does flash.

I’ve replaced the battery, factory-reset, re-paired, etc. No luck. I know a few years ago, you had to make a template sensor that monitored the burglar sensor. But that no longer appears to be the case. And the burglar sensor seems stuck at 254 in any case.

I was hoping someone has some recent experience, so that I know if I just have a bum sensor, or that there’s some fundamental incompatibility.

I’m using HA on a Pi, latest build, Sigma Design Z-wave stick.

Did you ever get this sorted out? Seems like mine didn’t want to work right unless I included it securely and then pulled the battery and put it back in. Then it seems to do the right things.

it turned out it was defective. I spoke with customer support, and they sent another one out to me and it has ben working fine since then.

Interesting. I sent my first one back as well and the replacement I got today worked with the above process.