Zwave adapter disappears after updating Zwave JS UI

Sometimes when updating the Zwave JS UI add-on (but not always), my Aeotec Zstick disappears forcing me to reboot the HA VM.

Here is a screenshot of lsusb before and after updating Zwave JS UI. The /dev/ttyACM0 device disappears as well. After rebooting it shows up in both places and everything functions normally. Probably happens ~50% of the time I update Zwave JS UI.

This is a Home Assistant VM running on Proxmox with the dongle passed through.

Any ideas?

In my opinion this can be related to the way in which you create passtrough.
Here are how I did this and I never had any problems about.

I have also some udev rules in VM writen by me, to easily map devices (zigbee, z-wave, rflink, mysensors).
The result is here:

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What option are you using when passing the zstick in Proxmox? “Use USB Port” instead of “Use USB Vendor/Device ID?”

Exactly. Downside is that sticks must be plugged in exact usb ports, but that’s ok for me.