Zwave Arrival Sensor

Any ideas here? I made a major screw up in my planning. I just realized that Samsung smart things hub is zigbee, and I wanted to use their stuff. I like their sensors. So I guess I have to either add zigbee to my RPI3; and use them both. I just don’t like having to add all that hardware.

Alternatively, I can stick with zwave, and hack something together. Then I can figure out a good way to detect arrival. I want reliable arrival sensing of the wife, 3 kids, and dog. Before they enter the house. So I can turn on lights, and start cameras/etc…

I am not going to buy any “Hub”; especially witht he IoT security issues. They are severe currently.

With Home Assistant you can actually do presence detection via a smartphone app, or your router, or other things, you don’t necessarily need z-wave to do presence detection. Have a look here:

Yes, I am aware. I have tried that, but I am not using an app. And the phone detection has been very flaky b/c you are basically relying on the user to leave their radios on. I don’t to that myself. So I can’t expect others to. Bluetooth might work; but there is limited support and the range isn’t what I need.

So I guess the long and short of it is I am going to have to buy a zigbee adapter…

Did you already buy the Zigbee tags? If not, I think they make the same things which are Z-wave.

No, I haven’t. If you see a zwave tag, plz shoot me a URL. I only did a quick search


found any?