Zwave Cover stops working on 0.38.1


yesterday I updated to 0.38.1. I have an automation to close and open on sunset/sunrise my Rollershutter (cover component). Closing the Rollershutter works fine last night, but this morning both of my Rollershutter completely stops working. They stop reporting any status to HA and its not possible so control both.

I see nothing in the log and all other zwave components works just fine.

What could be the problem?

How can I troubleshoot this issue.

thx for helping

In OpenZWave Control Panel, everything looks normal, too.

I have the same problem with my Fibaro Roller Shutter. Can’t control the shutter with the up / down button. The automation that I’ve set up for it seems to work fine tho so maybe it’s a UI problem?

edit: I use the “switch” component for my automation, not the cover component.

edit 2: setting the position with the slider seems to work fine. I guess there’s an issue with the cover/open_cover service.

I’ve opened an issue here:

Using the switch component of the same Z-wave module works fine so you can use that as a temporary workaround.

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Will be fixed in 0.38.3


0.38.3 fix the problem for me. Thx a lot!