Zwave default to 40kbps when it should be 100kbps

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I finaly got arround and building my smarthome.

Currently running HA in docker on XCP-ng, working great with aeotech zwave stick and zwave integration.

My problem is that my zwave network and devices are only showing 40kbps? All devices are zwave pluss, currently 6 fibaro dimmer 2. I am supposed to get 100kbps in my setup, where all devices are within 10m from the controller.

Does it matter? I don’t think you’ll notice any differences, at least I don’t notice any difference in responsiveness whether the device is connected securely or not.

OZW 1.4 does not report 100kbps. You need OZW 1.6 to see that.

Ok, so its the ozw version, i had my thoughts on that. I just wanted to know why i see 40kbps only, currently the network performs good.

Thank you for your informasjon.

How are you seeing the transmission rates?

Iam looking at each node under the zwave integration, nodeinformation. Max baudrate is reported there