Zwave Devices Slowly Going "Unknown"

I’m using the latest Home Assistant, installed from the RPi3 image and upgraded regularly, now running 0.108.1 with HassOS 3.12. As far as I can tell, everything is up to date.

I installed 3x Honeywell ZW3010 dimmers 4-6 weeks ago, and they come into HA as “Unknown id=0039 Unknown: type=4944, id=3235” I’ve read a bunch of stuff about editing the manufacturer_specific.xml file, but haven’t done anything about that yet.

In the past couple of days, I’ve noticed other devices that were previously working fine and properly identified have now dropped into unknown states:

  • Multiple Leviton DZPA1-2BW outlets
  • In-Wall Switches and Dimmers from GE and GoControl
  • GoControl Door/Window Sensor
  • Even my HUSBZB-1 ZWave controller is now listed as unknown.

Z-Wave is becoming totally unusable all of the sudden. Everything on the ZigBee side of the HUSBZB-1 seems to be fine.

I also see a lot of the following errors in the OZW_Log.txt file

2020-04-09 13:55:58.142 Detail, Node011, Notification: ValueAdded
2020-04-09 13:55:58.170 Warning, Exception: Manager.cpp:2499 - 102 - ValueID passed to GetValueFloatPrecision is not a Decimal Value
2020-04-09 13:55:58.170 Warning, Exception: Manager.cpp:2499 - 102 - ValueID passed to GetValueFloatPrecision is not a Decimal Value

Any help you would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!


Hi, I have more or less the same issue here. No solution found yet. Does anybody has a fix?

It has degraded that when I restart Home Assistant, zwave network is not able to start anymore. Only when I restart the docker container zwave network seems to start but no devices are found nor can be added.


I have Z-Wave issues too since a few days (can’t say precisely since when…).

  • Cover controller Fibaro FGRM222 : I can send UP/DOWN/STOP command as usual, but the current position is always “100” (fully open) in HA.
  • Aeotec door sensor : the door is always “closed” in HA
  • Fibaro TriSensor (PIR sensor) : I get the motion status in HA (move/no move), but other datas (like lux) is not updated correctly (huge latency and illogical value).

I tried to update to the last HA version, restart multiple time the Raspberry (Rpi4), etc. It’s always the same… :disappointed_relieved:

I can try to help but I absolutely don’t know where to start…

A solution that works for me is:

I’m using the home Assistant image for the RPi3. Yes, that’s running in a Docker container (I think), but I’m not sure that solution applies to me?

I don’t think it applies to the OP either. If zigbee is working on the same USB port, it’s unlikely to be a competing container. I’ll just say it outright, z-wave has been incredibly unstable for me, and the community seems to show it’s been that way for some time. I have to be very careful when I developing that I don’t reboot too frequently, because it will trash the mesh like described here. And since it first happened, I’ve got weird anomalies such as the platform reporting no neighbors for all nodes, while the mesh continue to function well. I’ve had all mine go undefined and be completely borked. Full cold start brought it back. It’s occurred several times, I believe because z-wave mesh wasn’t fully started before I rebooted again.

I’m waiting with baited breath for the new z-wave implementation. Failing that, I’ll be using a different hub as a z-wave radio until z-wave on HA get’s sorted.

I’m on the verge of ripping everything out and starting over with my ZWave Implementation. I ONLY have 20 devices. It’s isn’t going to be fun, and it’s probably going to take all week considering it usually takes about 30 minutes for me to add or remove a ZWave device reliably.

But I agree with @omayhemo, I think something is broken in HA ZWave, and there seems to be more than a few posts here and on reddit indicating something is not right.

I’m not here just to complan and get mine fixed. I’m not a professional coder or really an expert in anything like Home Assistant, ZWave, etc, but I’m willing to help get it sorted out in any way that I can.