ZWave Dimmer State Not Always Updated When Envoking Toggle

I have a GoControl WD500Z5-1 Dimmer. I have added it to home assistant and written a custom Alexa skill to toggle it. If the lights are off and the control in the states page shows off, the skill will turn the lights on and change the control. If the control shows on and the lights are on, the skill will turn off the lights but not the the control. If the control shows on and the lights are off, the skill does nothing.

I have verified that this behavior replicates with other ways of calling toggle as well.

As an added bonus, polling doesn’t seem to be working with this dimmer.

Is this a bug in the software or a problem with my dimmer?

I have a very similar issue with a GE 12718 dimmer. The toggle state is not updated on a on -> off transition. If I toggle it to off again, it does update. off -> on does update correctly.

Also, on an on -> off transition, brightness is tracked in HA, but not on an off -> on transition.

Actually, with the GE dimmer, it seems like it works fine when the brightness is under a certain level. It seems to just be missing the last notification when the light dims to off.