ZWave Firmware Update Stuck at 100%

I am having an issue with updating the firmware of a device using the new built in firmware update tool. I kicked off the upgrade and it appeared to complete but when I checked the device its still on the previous firmware version. I Checked the device in ZWave JS UI and its listed as stuck at 100%. Attempting to update the firmware for this and other devices in the UI gives me an error that a firmware update is in progress. I have tried to airgap the device, restart the ZWave JS addon, and restart HA Core, none of which helped. I’m not sure what to do at this point and any help would be appreciated.

I just noticed that I’m seeing two different firmware’s being reported in the device.

The 1.47 value is the current firmware. The 1.57 value is for the update entity, which will show the version of any available updates, meaning your device can be updated to 1.57. It would say “Up-to-date” if there was no update.

Inovelli updates are known to not be working. Feel free to add any driver debug logs of the update if you can. The latest version of Z-Wave JS includes some fixes that were thought to improve the Inovelli update process.

This is why I attempted to try the firmware update.

How would I go about getting logs for this?

Since you’re using zwave-js-ui:

I ended up excluding and including the switch. It appears to fix the problem although I haven’t tried to do a firmware update. I’ll attempt one later today.