ZWave Heal "Failed"

ZWave network all seems to work OK, but I’ve moved my controller server, and wanted to heal the location/connections.

But when I try and heal a device I rapidly get a “Failed” message and it shows this:

If I try and initiate a full network heal, there is no visible indication of any change or update.

Should I just not worry as it appears to be working OK, even though the map shows some devices as “Unconnected” (even though they work OK):

Likely a couple different things going on.

First, you can only heal one device at a time. For a mains powered device, this operation is quick. For a battery powered device the heal gets executed the next time the device wakes up. So, in that scenario if you try to heal another device, it fails immediately and buried down in the debug log you’ll find a message saying that only one heal can be done at a time. A better message would have been nice!

Healing the whole network is not recommended by the zwave experts. The recommendation is to go device by device starting with the mains powered devices first.

Net, is patience is needed as some battery devices only wake up 1x a day.

I did find that restarting zwavejs2mqtt appeared to cancel these inprocess heals.