ZWave: How to apply device specific configuration?

I have a Devolo MT02648 Door Sensor which is working fine in Home Assistant. I found the page where one can set the Z-Wave parameters supported for the device and started to change them as needed.

I am missing an “apply” button or similar, though. I can change the values; the white dot indicates a change, but how do I apply the changes? If I navigate back and forth, the changes are gone and my device still behaves as before.

How can I apply the changed settings?

With most Z-wave devices that are battery operated it will update when the device wakes up.

Mhh I read that as well and manually woke the device after changing the settings. Still it does not seem to be applied.

maybe my work flow is wrong?

  1. I go to the page
  2. change the settings
  3. leave the page open and go wake up the device by opening the door.
  4. wait a few seconds
  5. Refresh page
  6. Parameters are now changed back to the default, not what I entered.

I found that the device triggering i,e. opening the door and the device waking up seem to be two different things, some devices have a wake button I have some z-wave buttons and on the back there is a button to press that wakes them up, some devices seem to wake when I ping them, some I have to push the reset button quickly to wake them.

For yours this looks like what they are saying…

“The wakeup interval is a tradeoff between maximal battery life time and the desired responses of the device. To wakeup the device please perform the following action: There are two tamper keys in the device, one is in the back side, another is in the front side. Both of them can add, remove, reset or association from Z-Wave network. Press any key once, the device will awake 10 seconds.”

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  1. leave the page open and go wake up the device by opening the door.

That is not how you wake up a Z-Wave device. The manual states that you have press the tamper key once to wake the device up. Product Network Management Instructions

How to Tell if a device is awake in Z-Wave JS Integration

How to tell if a device is awake in the Z-Wave JS UI Control Panel. Orange Zs mean asleep and green smiley means awake.
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