Zwave integration where server is on another room


I am planning to install HA with Zwave on the server which is on a different room and thinking about Zwave coverage.

The alternative is to install Hassio on RPi 3B+ with Zwave and leave in the day room where most Zwave sensors are there.

Which solution is better? How did you solve it in your house?

The closer the zwave controller is to the majority of devices, the better. But you could use your more powerful server too.
One option is a zwave repeater. Most zwave line powered devices are also repeaters.

Another option might be to user the Pi as a zwave hub and communicate to HAon the server using MQTT.

Some of this assumes you have network connectivity in the day room.

Zwave is mesh so device will pass communication. AC devices may act as better repeaters since they never sleep but honestly this may be my opinion vs fact as I cannot remember source for this.

I have device 50ft from hub but not connect due to concrete wall interference. I use repeater, in same room as device, to this location.

I have device 200+ft from hub, 150+ from nearest device and it connect without issue. It is outdoor so no real wall interference.

Depends greatly on environment and devices used.

ZWave is mesh. As long as ONE ZWave device can communicate with the controller, the rest of the ZWave network will connect to each other and operate fully. Even if your controller is in a room 15-20 feet away, a device will still connect to it. They don’t have to be in the same room.

I have similar issue, my current plan is to buy a powered USB extension cable and place the zwave/zigbee dongle in a central location and connect to the PC in the other room. Right now I have the whole PC in the central room but I want to move it.

I found sometimes a simple USB extension permitting the stick ( & antenna) to be further away from the server can help a lot.

Just found this LAN-USB extender.

I might use this, if necessary.