Zwave-JS and Home Assistant Connection

I have setup zwave-js and added a couple of devices. I have also configured the home assistant websocket server as shown in the below screenshot. Home Assistant and Zwave-JS are bth in dockers on the same machine. unfortunately the zwave integration cant connect. Where should I start troubleshooting?

Don’t set the Server Host value.

Make sure Docker port is mapped to 3002, as that is a non-standard setting.

Otherwise, you’ll need to post your Docker contain configurations, because we can only guess.

Removed the Host Server value and it was immediately discovered by Home Assistant. Thanks for the help.

Sorry to start this back up but I moved to HA OS and am trying to stick with zwave-JS-UI rather than the standard zwave-JS. I’ve left everything in defaults and HA isn’t connecting. I also tried the HAOS ip in both the integration and the JS-UI settings but it still wont connect. Any thoughts?

Check the add-on docs, the URL is listed in the setup instructions.

You are correct, the address is ws://a0d7b954-zwavejs2mqtt:3000/ . The first time I put the address in it didn’t connect. Rebooted the whole
machine, put the address in and it connected.

Thanks for the patience.