Zwave_js_event not listening?

Hello, I have successfully added all my zwave to zwave js. I did finally get the zwavejs2mqtt working also. All my zwave devices seem to be working fine except I cannot see the zwave event in the developer tools. Previously I was able to listen to zwave to get the correct device id and scene so I can automate my aeotec wallmote. Using the debug in the zwavejs2mqtt WebUI, I can see things happenings when I click on the wallmote. Is there something I am missing that makes the zwave_js_event work? I am new to this so I am sorry if I have additional questions.

Can you grab the version info from zwavejs2mqtt (click the info icon in thee top right of your second screenshot)? Also, which version of HA are you running?

Also , try restarting HA I had the same issue with my events until i restarted HA


I hope these are what you are asking for, as for restarting HA the whole system gets restarted every morning around 3am.

try a hard reset. ie: stop the ha service from the server control management then pull the power off the HA device and put the plug back in. I know it sounds weird but works for me. I have to wait then after a few mins it works.

If you running betas, be sure to check the breaking release notes.

The event names for Z-Wave JS value notification (central scene) events will now be called zwave_js_value_notification and notification (e.g., locking or unlocking a lock) events will now be called zwave_js_notification .

See also the next zwave_js docs.

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Thank you freshcoast!! That is what it needed. Once I changed to zwave_js_value_notification it gave me the results I was looking for. Thank you all!