ZWave-JS - GE/Jasco Double Taps

Any chance you can add an OR condition to the selected device input.

For example - I have 3 light switch’s. If any one of the three switch’s are double tapped. Then I want to turn on all three of those switch’s.

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@ChuckieTodd, I seem to have this problem of getting event for both single and double tap. I don’t see “local load” config on the device (this is definitely a GE/Jasco device, in-wall dimmer). I just switched over from legacy zwave and I was using double-click events in a ton of automations. Is there a trick to seeing the group 2 and group 3 settings on the device in Zwave JS?

Answering my own question, it looks like I need to switch from ZwaveJS to Zwavejs2Mqtt so that I can use the advanced UI to access the group associations of the devices.

These zwave variations are confusing. So far I have learned that:

  • ZwaveJS is official, but doesn’t have ability to set association groups. Possibly other limitations too.
  • The original built-in zwave integration (ozw 1.4 ), and the subsequent beta (ozw 1.6) are dead
  • Zwavejs2mqtt addon is effectively a superset of ZwaveJS with optional MQTT and an advanced UI
    • Zwavejs2mqtt came first, then ZwaveJS was extracted from it as a minimum subset
  • The ZwaveJS integration can use either ZwaveJS addon or Zwavejs2mqtt addon, but not at the same time because the addon is what interfaces directly with the zwave controller hardware
    • addon vs. integration is an important distinction to be aware of
    • The ZwaveJS integration setup has a checkbox to install the official ZwaveJS addon, but if you uncheck it you can point the ZwaveJS integration to use your self-installed Zwavejs2mqtt addon instead

I welcome any additional clarifications on the practical differences in the zwave variations.

Following up on my adventure, I finally got Zwavejs2mqtt installed and by small miracle I didn’t lose my ZwaveJS config. The confusing part of changing over was knowing what URL to configure for the ZwaveJS integration (it is the name of the docker container running the addon) and then realizing the abort error it kept giving me when I saved that URL was something I could ignore and restart Home Assistant. I also had to remember to turn off the “start on boot” and “watchdog” switches on the ZwaveJS addon so that it didn’t interfere with the Zwavejs2mqtt addon until I get around to deleting the ZwaveJS addon.

Back to the problem at hand… double-clicking switches to run automations: using the advanced UI in Zwavejs2mqtt to examine the groups, it turned out the one switch I was testing with had both group 2 and group 3 pointing to the zwave controller instead of just having group 3. That’s why I was getting both single and double-click events. It turns out I need both single and double click for that switch, but unfortunately there isn’t any way to distinguish between the two types of click. That was already a limitation of ozw, so nothing lost in that regard. I just wish we could get some indication in the event payload to indicate the single vs. double click.

I appreciate having found this topic and the mention of groups 2 and 3 being involved in getting the double-click to work so I could find a path to success. I may grumble about how convoluted the zwave variations and migrations are, but in the end I have a functioning zwave network that isn’t going to be dropped in the next release of Home Assistant. I put off this migration for a year because it didn’t feel mature enough back when they announced ZwaveJS as the official replacement for the legacy zwave integration, and because I knew it was going to be a big chore to get it migrated completely (I have 65 zwave devices exposing 399 entities). I am happy that in the end I got it all migrated successfully. I hope this whole situation gets streamlined enough to give non-technical users a chance at successfully migrating their zwave.

Unfortunately, that is impossible with these switches.

@freshcoast that is definitely what I have found in my research. The switch sends the same payload regardless of group 2 or 3 target. I standardized my whole house on these before I realized this limitation, so now I’m stuck with it.

Dreaming a bit… Extrapolating from the fact that you can target any node in group associations, if the zwave controller could provide emulated nodes to be configured as the alternate targets a workaround could potentially be derived from knowing which node was targeted, but I have never heard of anything like that being available.

After that idea, it occurred to me that it might be possible to use a second zwave controller in HA and target that for the double click group association. It’s a bit overkill, but seems feasible. Maybe someone that has a second zwave controller can give it a try.

Hello everyone, thanks for your work on this blueprint - I’m using it in my first automations! Is there any way to ramp up/down using the “Auto-dimming Blueprint”? Currently, the lights instantly change to the set values - a bit jarring after the smooth ramp up/down on the normal single tap.

That’s going to be a per device setting. I have 14294 / ZW3005 dimmers and they have a config option to set number of steps and how long between steps for from / to dim levels.

Zwave2mqtt, now known as Z-Wave JS UI, has renamed GE/Jasco to GE/Enbrighten. You have to edit the blueprint to change the manufacturer from GE/Jasco to GE/Enbrighten in order for the blueprint to find the nodes.

Z-Wave JS (the driver) controls the manufacturer names, not Z-Wave JS UI nor Home Assistant.

As part of the driver v10 release, the device configuration files for the Jasco product line were completely overhauled. Many devices that had the manufacturer GE/Jasco are now split across different names:

  • GE
  • Enbrighten
  • GE/Enbrighten
  • Jasco

This is despite the fact that all of these devices have the same ID number (0x63). In the original posting I mentioned this was a problem with Honeywell, so the same problem applies for many GE devices.

As far as I can tell, HA does not support device selectors that can match more than one manufacturer name. That’s what is needed here. It would be nice if a list of manufacturers was supported, that would solve this problem.

In my opinion, these blueprints are practically useless because of these manufacturer label changes. If you want to use this blueprint, I’d just remove the manufacturer: GE/Jasco and choose the correct devices yourself. There’s no point in updating it to choose one of the many choices.

Besides, the addition of Device triggers dedicated to Z-Wave JS (see Basic CC event on Endpoint 0), added after this blueprint, make it somewhat redundant.


i really wish they would allow the ID number as one of the selector filters… it would make it much easier!

I was trying to modify this blueprint so that i could trigger it on multiple devices. For example, i use this to turn on all the lights and the exhaust fan in a bathroom if the switch is double tapped. Right now i have 3 automations per bathroom, one for each switch. I saw that the device selector allows for a multiple value, so i modified the blueprint to look like this:

  name: GE Switch Double Taps
  description: Create automations to react to double taps from supporting GE switches.
  domain: automation

      name: Switch Device
      description: A GE switch that supports double taps.
          integration: zwave_js
#          manufacturer: GE/Jasco
          multiple: true

      name: Double Tap On
      description: Actions to run for a double tap on.
      default: []

      name: Double Tap Off
      description: Actions to run for a double tap off.
      default: []

mode: single
max_exceeded: silent

  platform: event
  event_type: zwave_js_value_notification
    device_id: !input device
    command_class: 32  # Basic

  - variables:
      value: "{{ }}"
  - choose:
    - conditions: "{{ value == 0 }}"
      sequence: !input double_tap_off
    - conditions: "{{ value == 255 }}"
      sequence: !input double_tap_on

the problem is that now it doesn’t catch the double taps. does anyone know how to use the multiple tag so that i can collapse some of these extra automations?

Maybe not what you asked for but you can call a script on the double tap action instead and bury the multi-device stuff in there. That’s how I managed to put multicast in for some blinds.

Looks like the latest Z-Wave JS update changed the vendor of all my switches from GE/Jasco to GE/Enbrighten. Just an FYI if anyone else is having trouble with the device selector.