Zwave_js.multicast_set_value via Z-Wave JS UI

I am running the latest version of Supervised Home Assistant with Z-Wave JS UI (formerly zwavejs2mqtt).

I am trying to run the service zwave_js.multicast_set_value via a script, but I receive the error

Unable to find service zwave_js.multicast_set_value 

I attempted to install the Z-Wave JS addon, but it appears it doesn’t work because it cannot lock the Z-Wave Adapter device.

I’m assuming to get this to work, I need to configure Z-Wave JS to control the Z-Wave USB adapter, then somehow configure Z-Wave JS UI to utilize the local Z-Wave JS service?

Is there any reason the Z-Wave JS UI doesn’t provide any of the zwave_js.* services?

ZWaveJS and ZWaveJS UI use the same driver so everything you can do with ZWaveJS you can do with ZWaveJS UI plus more. Also I believe the zwavejs services are provide by the integration but not sure. I exclusively use ZWaveJS UI and my services work. Try setting up the integration and see if that fixes the issue.

Do you mind sharing what Integrations you have installed?

I started with the native zwave integration, then migrated to zwave2mqtt. Once that was deprecated, and I was forced, I migrated to zwavejs2mqtt. I do not have any other Z-Wave related integration or addon installed, other than Z-Wave JS UI. I tried enabling the Z-Wave Integration following the instructions in the Z-Wave JS UI documentation, but I ended up with duplicate Devices & Entities, and the responsiveness of my Z-Wave devices tanked.

Thanks - Jonesie

You are conflating add-ons and integrations, they are not the same thing. Z-Wave JS UI is an add-on, a service running outside of HA. It doesn’t provide any functionality within HA, you need to configure HA to talk to the service via an integration. The Z-Wave integration implements the multicast service (and others), therefore you need to install the integration to use those services.

Sounds like you are using MQTT Discovery instead. If you don’t want to use the Z-Wave integration, then you’ll need to use the multicast MQTT API provided by Z-Wave JS UI instead, and publish MQTT topics from HA.