Zwave Migrating

My Hubitat decided to become unresponsive and not boot the UI. I cant seem to get it to recover with soft resets either so I have decided to play around with HASSIO. So far I am impressed with the integrations but my questions is I cant figure out how to get zwave devices or entities to show up. My hubitat was one of the old C4 models that used an external stick. I plugged the stick into my hassio machine and with open zwave I can see all the nodes still connected with the stick and it seems to know what most of the devices are and is communicating with them and receiving updates and values when I’m in the web ui of open zwave. My question is it seems as if it is setup so that when you add a zwave device it automatically creates an entity so i can control from the dashboard automation etc… but is there a way to create entities with the already paired nodes on the zwave stick… It would seem to me the easiest way going forward without having to figure out how to exclude and re include every zwave device again would be a pain and Id like to just keep my existing zwave network that works on the device. All the migration info I’m seeing is saying use hubitat elevation as the radio and use hassio via mqtt however that doesn’t really work for me since my hubitat is dead but my zwave stick is alive and well. What will be the most painless way for me to migrate? Thanks in advance!