Zwave Multicast waterfall effect

I am trying to use multicast to open or close blinds at the same time. But the multicast does not seem to be working as I’d expect. Instead they have a waterfall effect where one set of blinds gets triggered right after the next. I also tried broadcasting it in a script but it had the same effect. Am I doing something wrong?

alias: down
  - service: zwave_js.multicast_set_value
    metadata: {}
      command_class: "112"
      property: "5"
      value: 2
      endpoint: "0"
        - cover.den
        - cover.living_room_side
        - cover.living_room_rear
        - cover.mudroom
        - cover.patio
mode: single

Your multicast looks good. I’ve been using multicast for years with lights and it works as intended. Are you sure you have the correct property, command_class, endppoint, and value?

The ZwaveJS logs will also show you how it used the multicast data.

Also, keep in mind, multicast doesn’t work with some inclusion methods.

To expand, Security S0 does not support multicast at all, and multicast will be split if the target nodes have different security classes. So if you want all of those entities to be set at the same time, they must all either a) have no security, or b) use S2 security and have the same security class (all Authenticated, or all Unauthenticated, etc.).

With multicast there are always follow up singlecasts, so if the node misses the multicast message the singlecast will arrive later.