ZWave not showing tilt sensor values (Nortal Control GD00Z-4)

I recently migrated from HA on Docker with Zwave2MQTT to the full HA Core (2022.6.2) with ZWave JS. As my zwave network was dead, i had the rebuild the network anyways.

Right now, I am able to control the garage door, turn on/off the light and sound.

However i’ve lost the ability in HA to track the door tilt sensor values: battery and tilt (open, mid-way, closed) when comparing it to ZWAVE2MQTT

They shows as:

  • Access Control - Barrier sensor low battery warning Unknown
  • Access Control - Barrier sensor not detected / supervisory error Unknown
  • Access Control - Barrier unattended operation has been disabled per UL requirements Unknown

I did repair the tilt sensor using these steps:

To install/pair, remove the battery guard to activate the device. Put the backplate on, lining it up correctly so the little button inside gets pressed. On your GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener press and hold the pair button for 8 seconds until it beeps once. Tilt in your hand the tilt sensor until you hear another beep. Now install the tilt sensor on your garage door, again being careful to line up the tab with the little button inside the sensor.

and HA is showing in the log book

Garage Door Controller: Home Security - Tampering, product cover removed cleared tampering
12:06:05 - 5 minutes ago

Check the version of zwavejs using for both the older docker zwavejs2mqttt and now used zwavejs? Maybe there was change between version that account for your issue?

Verify group associations as well to make sure it reporting all properly.

I have this GDO and I’ve never seen it report “mid-way” on the door status, only open/closed.

What you’re describing sounds like the tilt sensor’s battery is in need of replacement.

Look around for disabled entities in the device panel. One of them may work for you.