Zwave on rasbian Stretch

Last weekend I decided to make a fresh install based on the Rasbian Stretch Lite release from 2018-04-18, and I thought I would gove a few pointers on what was needed to get zwave working for me.

I started with the rasbian stretch lite image from running on Raspberry Pi 3.

Starting with a clean install, I followed the normal manual instructions with a virtualenv ( which was enough to get HA up and running without zwave.

For zwave, besides following the documentation, I had to do a couple of more steps:

  1. cd /srv/homeassistant
  2. source bin/activate
  3. pip3 install pydispatcher==2.0.5
  4. pip3 install python_openzwave==0.4.3

That was it. All in all pretty painless. Now I “only” have the rest of the configuration left. :wink: