Zwave receiver

what kind of of zwave usb receiver do you recommend in terms of stability etc. I want to plug it into RPi3/4 and use it as a zwave hub for my zwave devices as sockets, etc.


I, and probably many others, use the Aeon Labs Stick Gen5 link here

thanks! hope it will be compatible with gen7 devices as Aeotec Smart Switch 7

It will be compatible from a functional point of view, but it doesn’t have a 700 series chipset in the z-stick itself. So you’ll be able to control and get sensors updates from gen7 devices, but the stick doesn’t have the range of a 700 series controller. I don’t know if that will effect the battery life of gen7 devices or not.

There’s very little controller software out there that can work with 700 series controllers yet, and almost all the 700 series controllers (like the z-pi 7 for example) are aimed at developers, not end users.

If you have a Raspberry Pi 4 that you plan to use the z-stick with, make sure you get the Gen5 Plus, as it has a different internal wiring that allows it to work with the USB controller in the raspberry pi 4.
If you’re just using it with a Raspberry Pi 3, then any z-stick Gen5 will work :slight_smile:
I’ve had the Gen 5 Plus for about a month and it’s been cruising pretty well, no issues to report :slight_smile:

I’ve been happy with my Nortek HUSBZB-1 combo Zigbee and Z-Wave stick with my HA docker on my synology nas in my basement. Have 6 Z-wave and 30 Zigbee devices. I think I actually need one or two more powered Z-Wave devices to be repeaters to improve those 6’s performance. The two furthest away devices sometimes have delays or missed commands but the same devices perform great closer to the Hub so I think it is just range/interference.

Buy the cheapest stick for your region :wink:

They all use the same chipset inside, so save money on the stick and use it to buy devices. Typically that’s going to be the UZB from

Added a lamp plug/repeater and that fixed my lock range issue.