ZWave - Schlage BE469ZP - RF Operation Events Not Triggering?

Anyone else having issues with RF Operation zwave_js_notification events with Schlage BE469ZP locks?

The locks are working perfectly and events are still being sent for Manual and Keypad events but RF Operation events are no longer being sent. Buptkis on the event listener for zwave_js_notification
when locks are operated through zwave.

I think the issue may have started when I updated them to S2. Wondering if it could be a bug.

This has not been resolved, I’ve made a bug report. Anyone experiencing this issue?

I’m also not getting much communication at all from my lock. I’m able to successfully send commands to lock and unlock but I don’t receive state changes for manual or keypad actions.
I actually came back to Home Assistant after fighting with this in OpenHAB for awhile. The possible-to-likely issue stems from my choice in Z-Wave controller: Zooz ZST10 S2 700-Series. For OpenHAB, the controller isn’t fully supported as the Z-Wave 700-Series protocol is… in flux. Additionally, Schlage tells me Zooz isn’t a supported manufacturer with their locks (they only support ecosystem-solutions like SmartThings, Wink, and Ring).

What controller do you use?

AEOTEC ZW090 ( Z-Stick Gen5)