Zwave switch shows as unavailable on one screen and active on another - thoughts how to address?

I have a Zooz 72 switch that shows as unavailable on my light switch card. When I tap it I see an error:

This entity is currently unavailable and is an orphan to a removed, changed or dysfunctional integration or device.

If the entity is no longer in use, you can clean it up by removing it.

When I go to Devices->integrations and drill into that switch I see a page that shows the switch is active and allows me to ping and heal the device. When I ping the logs show it pinged successfully. When I tap to heal it says it was successful. However I then I attempt to reinterview the device or configure it fails.

I haven’t run into this type of issue before. Is the only solution to remove and reset and reconfigure? I’m concerned I’ll have to redo all my automations and scripts too…

Thoughts on the most painless way to resolve? (I’ve tried rebooting the raspberry pi and removing and reinserting the Zooz usb 700 stick)


Go to the entities page and search around, seems like you may have two entities with the same name and one is orphaned. There is an icon in one of the right columns that shows orphaned

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Thanks - I do see the kitchen light entity with a red icon…, but only one

However when I ping that entity it says it was successful in the logs

I didn’t see another entity with the same name, but I did see many entities with black circles with lines through them tagged as disabled. Made me wonder if I should be removing those? Is there any value in keeping those?

No explanation for that. Sounds like a bug. While you could remove those disabled entities, I don’t as I don’t want to find bugs in that path and create new problems for myself.