Zwave switches occasionally freeze and require flipping the breaker or readding to become available

Occasionally a dimmer will become frozen in the ui. No amount of restarts will allow the switch to work from within the ui. In the past flipping the breaker or readding the device to the network works.

This only happens to DIMMERS not switches.

The physical switch never stops working, though sometimes the first time it freezes you need to hit the dimmer to get it to be responsive.

Usually it doesn’t show as failed, however this latest time it does.

It froze when I triggered an automation that should have shut it off.
I’ve tried reactivating it by triggering a switch in the same gang box, in the same room but different circuit, neither worked.

I also tried running a bunch of zwave services in the zwave config like heal or test.

I tried testing, then restarting home assistant, it was now no longer marked as failed for a short time, but will not work and now the test service fails.

Just trying to get my troubleshooting steps down to see if anyone has any ideas

That all sounds familiar - I had one ZWave switch that occasionally showed that behaviour: no control anymore, voltage and power did not update anymore and only powering it off via circuit breaker resurrected it.
When I updated the firmware of the switch to the latest version that all disappeared; haven’t had a single issue with this switch since.

How did you update the firmware?

In my case it was an Aeotec ZW116 Nano Switch and you can download the firmware from their website and update over-the-air.

Ah I’m on leviton, it’s a hardwired switch, it might be a tad bit more difficult. I’ll do some research.