Zwave to zwave JS - stored on stick?

Does this apply for me aswell that have added all my devices via the zwave integration and the ”Add Node” button in the interface?

The good news is that your entire Z-Wave network is stored on your stick so you will not have to run through your house to recreate your network.

Which zwave stick after your using?

Hi @AcidSleeper
I have the aeotec z-wave stick, and for me that was valid, it gave the devices new names, but that was it, everything was there, and I just renamed the entities back to their old names.

Aeotec Z-stick Gen5

Thanks for the information!

Are you running the new JS right now? How is it working? Everything OK or some bugs?

I have most of my things on zigbee, so the few z-wave devices that I have are working fine. I have amongst other things a danalock which uses the network key, so after salvaging that from the old config, I had to find it by doing a text search in config/.storage (looked for z-wave or zwave), and getting the device path, it just appeared automagically.
The names were changed, the old z-wave thing gave them some bizarre names, so I had to either fix the node-red automations, or rename the entities. I chose the last thing.
I don’t see any problems yet.

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Snapshot home assistant so you can roll back. You have nothing to lose. Your zwave network is stored on the stick. Give it a go :slight_smile:

I also have the same stick and had no issues.

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