Zwave2mqtt automation

I was using the normal zwave integration but have now moved over to zwave2mqtt

With normal zwave I was able to use a script to change my siren to doorbell mode:

  alias: Set Siren To Doorbell Mode
  - data_template:
      node_id: 31
      parameter: 7
      value: Door bell music
    service: zwave.set_config_parameter
  mode: single

Now with zwave2mqtt I can’t work out how I would achieve the same thing, in zwave2mqtt is looks like the correct paramater would be “zwave2mqtt/nodeID_31/112/1/7/set” but how so I get that into a script?

Please explain if your able to reply as I’m pretty new and still learning

Think I got it

  alias: Set Siren To Doorbell Mode
  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: 'zwave2mqtt/_CLIENTS/ZWAVE_GATEWAY-Zwave2MQTT/broadcast/Siren/112/1/7/set'
      payload:  "{\"value\":\"Door bell music\"}"
  mode: single

Seems to be ok so far, will test fully tomorrow, posting just in case anyone else has a similar issue

I used “MQTT Explorer” windows app to find the exact details I needed for that command

Thank you. New to MQTT and this was very helpful in getting my Zooz ZSE19 Multisiren to play a custom sound. And thanks for the MQTT Explorer heads up.
This plays sound # 35 in my particular setup.

  payload: '{"value":"35 (5 sec)"}'
  topic: homeassistant/_CLIENTS/ZWAVE_GATEWAY-zwave/broadcast/nodeID_3/121/1/1/set
service: mqtt.publish

Glad I was able to help but it turns out my code was actually a bit dirty and I have since fixed it:

topic: 'zwave2mqtt/Siren/112/1/7/set'
payload:  '{"value":"Door bell music"}'

So for your usage you should use:

topic: homeassistant/nodeID_3/121/1/1/set
payload: '{"value":"35 (5 sec)"}'

Also using MQTT explorer I deleted old traces of “zwave2mqtt/_CLIENTS/ZWAVE_GATEWAY-Zwave2MQTT/broadcast/Siren” and I would advise you do the same for yours: “homeassistant/_CLIENTS/ZWAVE_GATEWAY-zwave/broadcast/nodeID_3”

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