ZWave2MQTT, MQTT Broker Add-On and HA on same RPi

Hi All,

I’m want try ZWave2MQTT because sometimes i need restart HA, change of scripts etc.
I’m running MQTT Add-On within HA. So when i restart HA then MQTT will restart also.
Ok it keeps the info (retain)

But will this work? ZWave2MQTT, MQTT Add-On in HA on same RPi or will this give troubles?


I don’t think that’s correct.

Add-ons don’t run in HA. They only get configured by HA. Then from then on they run separately from HA. They are separate docker containers so if you restart HA the add-ons aren’t affected.

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ohh didn’t know that… So then my question is answered… It will work without any problem i guess :slight_smile: