ZwaveJS - Freeze Zwave with FGR223 and motorized curtains

Hello, I have a really strange problem regarding the reaction or reactivity of my Zwave Fibaro FGR223 modules.
In summary, I have 2 shutters, and 2 interior curtains, the 4 wired to FGR223.
I am using the ZwaveJS integration and the ZwaveJS to MQTT 0.6.0 control panel.
Auto calibration was successful.
I don’t use a physical button on these modules.

The problem is that when I use the “UP” or “DOWN” command followed by a “STOP” on the curtains, the “STOP” occurs about 7 seconds after pressing. Then, I find myself stuck for about 10 to 15 seconds to perform any other Zwave commands.
This problem is the same on the second curtain.
On the other hand, no worries at the level of the 2 shutters, I can go up, down, stop, go up, stop … etc with good reactivity.

So I do not see why this reactivity and this blocking is carried out on my curtains and not on my shutters ???
The configuration is identical, the modules are identical, the powers are also substantially similar.

Do you have an idea to solve this problematic problem, both on the Home assistant interface part, and on the “voice command” part?
I am therefore on version 0.6.0 of ZwaveJStoMQTT and Home Assistant Core 2021.3.2.

Thank you for yout hehp.