Zwcfg Existing Devices were Modified without consent! Best Way to Protect?

Not sure which update did this, as I don’t use Scene control very often in my HA install (as its a relatively small install in an outbuilding for now while I test it), but an update Drastically Modified my zwcfg file, removing all the custom “CommandClass” 91 entries I had to make for my devices to work properly with multi-taps. Also, all battery powered devices were “unkown”! (thankfully only had 2 to setup again).


  1. Would snapshots restore/recover from this situation?
  2. If not running (so no snapshots), would a restore of the ‘config’ directory do it?
    2b. what’s the best way to backup the conifg directory if running in venv?

I didn’t try #1 because it was an easy fix and i was worried i would lose changes I had made since last snapshot (even though i backed up the files before i would have restored). So i just manually fixed this time.


The file is dynamic and gets written to by the openzwave stack. Anytime you hit “Save Network” it writes out the file. Anytime you restart Home Assistant it writes out the file.

The best way to resolve this issue would be to modify the device file(s) in the config directory where the manufacture xml files are stored and create new ones for your devices or update ones that exist with your modifications.

I’ll look into the config file changes perhaps.
But it has never overwritten existing devices before! I’ve saved, restarted, added, removed devices lots of times without it changing the existing devices.

I’ve had it happen a few times where it would nuke my lock’s CommandClass info enough to a point I took a copy and renamed it zwcfg0xXXXXX.xml.good and overwrite the file when I’ve noticed the file size lower than my good copy.

Anyone use a backup solution and had success with restoring after my described situation?
I found a few people that ran into the same situation and didn’t see any solutions (except to rebuild the battery powered devices, which would be a huge pain).