Zy-m100 tuya small radar - can this be locally controlled by just zigbee or flashing?

can this be controlled by zigbee without tuya hub or tuya local, like straight through zigbee? does it need to be flashed to do so?

Yes, this seems to be supported by ZigBee2mqtt, so you can use one of the supported coordinators

Did you already test it?
Because in Z2Mqtt i could only find the

  • TuYa TS0601_smart_human_presense_sensor

  • TuYa MIR-HE200-TY

But they look different then the Zy-m100 from Aliexpress

and besides this, i can find the TuYa MIR-HE200-TY only on

where you have to buy at least 200 sensors …

it is very straightforward to include support of new devices or sub brands into ZigBee2mqtt.

Most of these devices identical but echoing a different model number.

Even though, if it is not fully supported, we can come up our own converter very quickly, takes less than an hour.

Edit: one example i am using at home: https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/issues/13460

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I’ll play with it next week probably, I got it to recognize but the sensor kept going off when moved like it should then never resetting until power cycle, then the GD argon case started overheating… had to swap to a new m.2 it corrupted everything… restoring from backup as we speak.

But how did you destroy your SSD with this?

It just kept corrupting and it got so hot the sticker on the SSD just fell off and discolored.
<^> the pi I put HA on a $100 lenovo i5 small form factor and I have no problems now at all, zwave, z2mqtt etc… everything is working perfect.

It finally all synced up and the small one comes up as a TuYa TS0601_smart_human_presense_sensor, it work great I am probably going to buy one for each room.

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