0.85: ESPHome, Plum Lightpad, OpenSenseMap


So 0.85.0 completely bricks my HA instance. However, I do get a couple errors when I run the upgrade from 0.84.6:

pyowm 2.8.0 has requirement requests<2.19,>=2.18.2, but you’ll have requests 2.21.0 which is incompatible.
locationsharinglib 3.0.6 has requirement requests~=2.19.1, but you’ll have requests 2.21.0 which is incompatible.

I’m not sure how to go about fixing this. I am running on Hassbian.


docker build eta?


What is slugify …

According to google: A slug is a short label for something, containing only letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens. In the case of Home Assistant, no numbers.


It’s technically already there, https://hub.docker.com/r/homeassistant/home-assistant/tags tag 0.85.0b0

If you want to, you can download it and remove your current container and run that instead. I did that last night to get the ESP stuff working.

But yeah, would rather do it the normal way and I’m curious on the ETA as well!


So does that mean all my entities like this:


Are going to have to be changed to just letters and underscores?

If so it’s going to be a right PITA.


I don’t think so. e.g. I had a sensor.samsung_a5_battery, and it’s still the same name after the update. I can also see the history, etc, of this sensor, so it works fine. I think that the automatic “creation” of entity_id’s has changed a bit. But I have to agree, it’s also not completely clear to me what is exactly changed.


Ambient support advised me the app_key was hard coded in Version 3. I’m stuck at:

Could not connect to weather station API
7:29 AM components/sensor/ambient_station.py (ERROR)

According to the man page, an app_key is still required. Have you setup the ambient sensor yet?


Nope - haven’t managed to yet.
Just received this message from Ambient Support:

You need not request an app key. You simply generate your own User Key


How do you upgrade? I always do the following (from my Pi login) which maybe overkill;

sudo hassbian-config upgrade hassbian-script
sudo hassbian-config upgrade hassbian
sudo hassbian-config upgrade homeassistant

I’ve successfully upgraded from 0.84.6 to 0.85. Do you get anything useful from

sudo systemctl status [email protected]

or see anything in home-assistant.log ?


Without app_key I get:
Invalid config for [sensor.ambient_station]: required key not provided @ data['app_key']. Got None. (See ?, line ?). Please check the docs at https://home-assistant.io/components/sensor.ambient_station/


RE: Ambient, there shouldn’t be an application key per user. According to a conversation I had with their support, every HASS user should use the same application key; it’s the API key that should change.

I have a PR in place to make some architectural adjustments to this platform: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/19902 – I’ll revise it to hard-code the application key I received and remove that as a required configuration option.


In my small ZHA setup issue seems to be related to having the Hampton Bay Wink fan module connected, if I remove it my 6 other ZHA lights all come back and function correctly. Opened an issue for this…


since updating to 0.85 the Service group.turn_on longer works.

019-01-10 15:12:23 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.automation] Error while executing automation automation.alarm_fully_armed_turn_off_lights_ect. Service not found for call_service at pos 1: (ServiceNotFound(...), 'Service group.turn_on not found')


OK. I’ll wait for your go ahead before attempting to configure the sensor.


after update to 0.85.0 my file size sensor seems to be broken
but i can’t find anything in the breaking changes?


Is that a valid service? I’m using version 0.80 and it does not show group.turn_on as an available service.

In fact, in the linked post below, petro indicates it is not a valid service and recommends using homeassistant.turn_on to turn on a group.


I run all the commands listed here: https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/installation/hassbian/upgrading/

I do not use the “sudo hassbian-config upgrade homeassistant” method.

I had previously monkeyed around with the locationsharinglib stuff in the past to try to get the Google Maps sharing device tracker to work. I was able to get it working but I have since quit using Google Maps for device tracking.


I think (This is going off memory) that group.turn_on used to be a service and it was removed. If not, it’s always been homeassistant.turn_on. This is dating back to 2015ish. My memory might be alittle off.


The thing is it was working perfectly fine on version 0.84
I’m okay to change it I was just surprised and couldn’t see anything in the changes for .85


Does still work, the breaking changes is marked in the big yellow warning section - just check for an updated entity name in your list.