Home Assistant Community


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Questions about configuring Home Assistant to automate your house.

Share your Projects!

Show off the cool projects, automations and configurations you made with Home Assistant!


Discuss the Home Assistant core and platforms. Visit the Documentation to get started.


Hass.io turns your Raspberry Pi (or other device) into the ultimate Home Automation hub. It takes away all the hassle of installing Home Assistant and related applications and keeping them up to date.

Third party integrations

Questions about third party integrations including projects created to work specifically with Home Assistant as well as 3rd party devices such as Alexa.

Mobile Apps

Discussion of Home Assistant mobile apps, both official (Home Assistant Companion) and third party

Feature Requests

Suggest a feature, get fellow users to vote on it and see it happen.


Questions about the installation of Home Assistant if you don't like to just pip install homeassistant.


The hardware category is for discussions about hardware devices. For example, you could talk here about whether WeMo switches are good, how to set them up in general, and alike. But if you want help configuring them with Home Assistant, use the "configuration" category.