0.96 - Missing items on Configuration > General (Config Check, Config Reload)

Anybody else missing Configuration validation and Configuration reloading in Configuration > General after upgrading to 0.96:

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Go to your profile page and enable Advanced Mode


thanks just seen this too.
Ideally I would say you should not have access to server management if you don’t have access to advance mode. Not sure where to feed this back?

Not to mention the fact that why would you even have access to modify the general configuration at all (i.e. the rest of the stuff on that page) if you don’t have access to the other configuration options that are there?

it really makes no sense and it seems they are making changes just to make changes but not the ones people are mostly asking for as far as the frontend layout is concerned.

A lot of people have complained about putting the config checker below the general configuration stuff so instead of re-arranging things to make more logical sense and honor peoples requests they hid the config check button all together unless you turn it back on in another hidden spot in a completely different area. And when you re-enable it it’s exactly where it was before when people were complaining about the location. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Doesn’t really seem reasonable at all.

So, “where to feed this back?”. I don’t think it will matter. :frowning_face:

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Raise an issue in the frontend repo.

One can always argue this is not an issue but a feature enhancement request so posted it there:

The hammer is:

  • in the top drawer :+1:
  • in the bottom drawer :-1:
  • in the bottom drawer by special request :man_facepalming:

Thank you for that.

This change makes no sense to me. “Configuration” literally says General: Validate your configuration file and control the server" but validate isn’t there anymore… and there’s no info telling you where & how to enable it.

This change wasn’t thought through very well if they tell you Validate will be there, but they don’t say you have to activate Advanced Mode first. I love Home Assistant, but this was poorly done.


In 0.97.1, I’m currently not able to activate Advanced Mode at all, so I no longer have reload buttons. Can we please get rid of this nonsense and return it to simple functionality that actually works?

why are you not able to activate advanced mode?
what errors

I have enabled Advanced Mode but still couldn’t find the Config validation tool anywhere :frowning:

I haven’t updated to v97 yet but I’m pretty sure those functions have been moved to a separate part of the configuration menu called “server control” or something like that.

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No errors. Advanced controls is activated, but the advanced controls aren’t available. I’ve tried toggling it and restarting my pi with the toggle in both position.

Edit - sorry, didn’t realize the controls were moved to a different section

Ah, nm. I missed that the controls were moved to a different section.

have you checked under server control

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It’s indeed moved to Server Control under Configuration. Thanks!