1st gen Eve Room, Bluetooth and 2022.8

I’ll report back after installing .3 … I’ll do the same test (reboot host and try to pair again).

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Have you tried connecting your Schlage sense HomeKit lock yet ?

I have two of them, I got Bluetooth going on my HA instance. It detects the lock but when I try to add it doesn’t work and says the lock is already paired with another controller. I’ve defaulted the lock and removed my entire HomeKit home and Apple TV just to be sure.

No dice.

Not yet… waiting for someone to do it first

I fixed the Schlage locks here https://github.com/Jc2k/aiohomekit/pull/140

Its not merged yet

Should be in 2022.8.3

Thank you bDraco ! I love your work !

2022.8.3 is up with the Schlage fix.

I also added some additional logging that might help narrow down the problem the Eve Rooms if someone wants to give the test pairing another try.


The device id is E2_BE_18_34_DF_10

Thank you!

Some of the lines are truncated in the file

\cf5 2022-08-10 07:25:21.214 DEBUG (MainThread) [aiohomekit.protocol.tlv] receiving [\cf4 \
\cf5 2022-08-10 07:25:21.214 DEBUG (MainThread) [aiohomekit.protocol.tlv] receiving [\cf4 \

The actual content of the tlv data is missing which is what is needed to see whats being sent back and forth.

New attempt:


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here’s my log with 2022.8.3

Thanks, I think I’ve figured out what is wrong now.

There is a yet another TLV fragmentation scheme on top of the PDU fragmentation scheme which we currently don’t handle reassembly for for accessories that have a smaller MTU. The older eve rooms/weathers only support an MTU of 158.

Once we implement that it should be able to pair. I’ll need to wait till I have one of the devices on hand to be able to do that since its going to require a lot of trial and error to get it right.

So progress!

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Great news!
Is there a possibility to expose the device settings like Eve Motion trigger duration or Eve Thermo calibration settings? Or does it need a dedicated integration?

Thank you!

We won’t know until we get a diagnostics file from a successfully paired device.

thanks @bdraco for your involvement on this!

I’m happy to report that both my shlage sense locks have successfully paired with HomeKit controller and I’m able to pass this back to HomeKit Bridge and control the lock with both HA and Apple Home app :slight_smile:

Now I just need to figure out how to remotely add access codes to the locks now that the shlage app won’t let me connect to it anymore.

Would HK controller be able to do this ?

Thanks for the confirmation!

I would also be interested to know about the codes… maybe there’s a ways to connect the Schlage app to the HA controller so it can talk to the lock?

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Hello everyone, has anyone been able to add the following ?


I have Eve MotionBlinds at my home, but I can not find them in HA.
Sometimes it pops up but for some reason haven’t been able to add it.

Has anyone been able to add an Eve device through bluetooth?

And how can you add it ?
Or make it pop-up?

I have successfully paired Eve Door, Eve Degree and Eve Motion. I use Home Assistant in a container on a mac mini host. At first I was using the integrated BT adapter which was working fine but I also bought an usb adapter with an usb cable extender to position the BT adapter more centre inside my house.
As discussed above not all Eve devices are able to pair but it’s a work in progress. Check the logs from Home Assistant when you pair. You should see some errors when you try to pair.

unfortunately I am not able to add it. It’s not showing up. Was wondering how I could make it show up.

switched the bluetooth to my test environment and was able to add the motor.

Nice to see it is working directly with Home Assistant with just a bluetooth dongle.

If you are looking for these kind of blinds, I got them here :


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