2 kids, 2 alexa devices, 2 fans (wemo plugs)

So, my kids (6 and 8) are doing well adapting to all this smart home stuff I’ve been setting up. However, they’re having trouble remembering the correct command to turn on their fans. Problem is that they say “Alexa turn on my light” which works for their lights, but saying “Alexa turn on my fan” does not. This appears to be because of the way the devices are setup in the alexa app (in rooms) but they behave differently.

So, here’s my question. Can I setup an automation/script in HA that can turn on the appropriate fan based on which alexa device heard the request “alexa turn on my fan”? I’m thinking custom command in alexa app, triggering the fan turn on. I’m just not sure how to know which alexa device (child) requested it.

Any ideas? Different approach is fine, just want a solution!!

Thanks in advance!

Any help on this one? Was hoping there’s an easy solution I’m overlooking. No need for code, just a nudge in the right direction!!! Thanks

You need to expose something from HA to the Alexa App using either the Nabu Casa intergration or the Emulated Hue. If you want HA to Trigger something .

You can then create an Alexa App routine and turn the HA entity on . Then you can create an automation in HA to do what you want. Also look at the Custom Alexa intergration

If the lights and fans or not currently in HA you could create a dummy bulb an expose that see

If you want to see the full power of the above look at

Thank you!!! I’ll get playing around with some of these options right away. Really appreciate you taking the time to share!!

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