2 temporary .db files keep appearing and disapearing, its driving me crazy!


So i use VSC to edit my config and iv been away from HA for a while and came back to it to discover that the highlighted files appear and disappear from the folders tab in VSC every second. Its making it a nightmare to select and edit other files as the list keeps jumping up[ and down. Also its an eye strain.


Any suggestions?

You can configure vscode to ignore those files with a filter on extensions

The files themselves are temp files for sqlite. This will always happen unless you ignore them like @makai said or switch to another database using recorder.

I did this but doesn’t seem to work?

Check here how Franck did it:


thank you!

Indeed, thank you!!

But a secondary question, am I the only one fed up with getting this?

Frenck seems to refer to it in his settings, is this some way to remove this annoying VSCode pop-up?